About Us

“Privātmeistars” – it spells utmost responsibility and respect for the work, entrusted with us. It spells knowledge and experience enabling us to perform work of the highest quality.

It is a company, created by two friends, who are highly qualified master craftsmen, with the aim to give you the very best.

Normunds Lindemanis Private master Normunds Lindemanis
Normunds is gifted in creative thinking and treats each task entrusted with him as a work of art. It is claimed that our home can tell more about us than any words, therefore Normunds is interested in and always happy to help with various home design issues. He graduated from the Cesis Vocational secondary school No. 4, with the carpenter's qualification, and after that he gained experience working at various companies in Latvia, as well as in South Wales. Even though Normunds always prefers fine handicraft work, he has never refused challenges thrown at him in life, and has also worked in the post of the head of technical services in the hotel ''Valdemārs''. Having gained extensive experience in that job, Normunds realized that he is able and willing to establish his own company – an excellent and well-organized workplace.

Normunds MukstinsPrivate master Normunds Mukstiņš
Normunds has always worked by himself, hiring helpers, as necessary. Normunds graduated from the Riga Technical University with an engineer's qualification and a professional master's degree in construction. He has worked also in the area of designing engineering networks. In the construction business, he prefers solid and time-tested values. Normunds is precise and strives to perform each task at its best, leaving the customer fully satisfied and willing to come back.
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